Silhouette Sensazione


Sensations usually commence quietly, gradually unfolding their full lustre and glamour to amaze observers. Beauty – that of the wearer as well as that of the eyewear – is at the centre of the models in Silhouette’s Sensazione Collection. Like fine gems, they masterfully underline their wearers’ beauty. Boundless elegance and subtle glamour mark this extravagant, light eyewear that is easy to showcase.

The true “sensation” and attractive uniqueness of this elegant new model for women is the temple design, crafted by hand using soft, brilliant titanium wire. The connection between two pearl-like decorative elements gives Sensazione a hint of nobleness as an accessory.

Golden times and modern contrasts: the colour combinations of the new Sensazione fascinate with their soft, contrasting colour worlds. What make it special are the colour combinations between the upper and lower parts of the temple. The sublime, classic tones of Black-Gold Dreams, Copper-Gold Sunrise and Vanilla-Brown Romance make every moment magical, bestowing an elegant, royal aura upon their wearers. Modern contrasts – like the colour combinations of Purple-Brown Secrets, Ivory-Gold Glamour or Black-Red Mood – impeccably bring decorative details into the limelight and turn this accessory eyewear as well as its wearer into a modern sensation.

It’s not just the extravagant and elegant details in the glamorous design of this rimless eyewear collection that make the new Sensazione Collection a must for any woman. Lightness and flexibility are additional properties leading this eyewear to score points among women: boundless moments, made in Austria with love for detail and the certitude of a product with the highest level of quality.

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