Childrens Eyewear


It is never too early to have your children’s eyes examined. Although most children have very good sight, any problem such as a squint or lazy eye needs to be treated at an early age, to prevent problems later on. Some eyesight defects run in families, so if you have a history of long or short sightedness, astigmatism or squint, it is important to have your child’s eyes examined on a regular basis.

We pride ourselves on our friendly approach to children and always make them welcome in the practice. We have several specialist children’s tests, so even if your child can’t yet read or even talk, we can still accurately assess their vision.

Modern children’s spectacles include features such as sprung loaded joints, comfort bridges and safety lenses. We have a large selection of children's frames in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Children’s sight tests are free on the NHS and a range of styles are covered completely by the NHS voucher scheme.

We aim to have fabulous children's frames, to make stylish spec's that kids love to wear, and at an affordable price. Our qualified Dispensing Opticians will make sure that we provide the right style and fit for some of our most important patients.