Our qualified dispensing staff ensure your prescription is converted into the best spectacles for your prescription and individual requirements. Frame and lens choice is carefully considered and professional advice is given on appearance, fashion and function, ensuring a spectacles tailored to your requirements. Modern technology allows superior quality lenses with anti-reflection coatings, thinner lenses and fast changing photochromic lenses.

We specialize in varifocal lenses and have recently become an official supplier of Zeiss lenses, a name synonymous with technical quality. We have also been a VARILUX specialist Optician for many years and provide an excellent fitting service. By taking time and careful measurements, we have resolved many problems for patients who have previously struggled adapting to varifocal lens designs.

We are proud to announce the recent acquisition of our new Zeiss i-terminal this state of the art machine enables the most accurate measurements possible.

The i.Terminal measuring system by ZEISS has the ability to measure and fit your spectacle lenses to within 1/10mm accuracy. Precise measurements mean that you can better enjoy the full visual performance of your new spectacles - while experiencing maximum wearing comfort.
With the individualised approach to eye care guaranteed by the latest ZEISS measuring technology, the behavioural, visual and ergonomic data captured, enable our opticians to discuss the optimal lens design that exactly meets your visual needs.

With all of your customised measurements completed, we transmit your data configuration to the ZEISS lens production facility where your bespoke spectacle lenses will be manufactured.  At this point, all of your personal and ergonomic parameters will be integrated into the design and production of your new bespoke ZEISS precision lenses.

We believe that individualised eye care approach is the perfect solution for all our patients’ visual needs.  With the wearer’s personal measurement data integrated into the spectacle lens design – patients are assured of 100% performance from their bespoke ZEISS precision lenses.